Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 19, 2016

Everyone!!! My first week in the CTM was amazing! The days are long but the weeks fly by. Im going to appologize for the jumbleness of this email I just have so much on my mind! I am having so much fun its crazy. Brazil is insanely hot and I love it for the most part. Im in a tripanionship with Elder Ovard from san diego and elder haefner from missouri. The food is amazing! it took my stomach a few days to get used to but im loving it now. The showers are kinda weird. They arent that private (There are bugs all over the walls looking at you hahaha) Anyway, joke of the week. I love my teachers so much! Irmao Fatori and Irmao Santos. And Oliveira comes in a lot too just to say Hi. Im learning so much. How to teach, a whole lot of Portuguese. I can pray, bear my testimony, and have a small conversation with someone. I love the language. My district is incredible! We have 4 sisters and 5 elders. We have so much fun together! We have so many inside jokes with each other and the instructors. I was able to go to the Campinas temple this morning. Its almost a 2 hour drive but its super pretty. Im going to send some pictures to you dad and maybe you can send them out to others and tyler can post some on my facebook. Its an amazing temple but really smaller than any other temple ive been to. When we are in the CTM we only get to go to the campinas temple once so it was cool to go there for my first time. The session was in english because there were mostly american missionaries. It was incredible! ffor the first week it was only mee and my companions in our room but wednesday we had two brazilian missionaries come in. Its going to help my portuguese inprove muito bom. We have been teaching Renato this past week for our first investigator and man its really different teaching in a different language. I get frustrated a little bit because i cant convey exactly what i want to say. my vocab is very limited but we still had a miracle happen! We commited him to be baptized. Even though its fake it was still super exciting! I love teaching so much. I have been blessed to be born in this gospel and I want to try my best to prepare myself so i can teach the people of brazil and help them return to live with Christ.I wish i had more time to write you all but i want to be able to read some of your emails. I love you all so much and I cant wait to continue to let you know how much im loving being a missionary. Thank you so much for your prayers. Please keep them coming. Eu sei que a Igreja de Jesus Cristo e verdadeiro! 

Com amor,
Elder Griffin
Forward into battle!!!

PS I love you all so much! 

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