Thursday, March 17, 2016

February 26, 2016

Family!!! Friends!!! I love you all so much! sorry for any mispelled words or incorrect grammer, im just going to try to type as fast as i can because i dont have that much time to write. Anyway, I love the CTM. Ive felt the spirit so much and I love my district. I had a testimony meeting last night with my district and that brought the spirit so strongly. I shared my testimony and I had a conformation of what i talked about is true. Im so grateful for the knowledge i have of the gospel. So many crazy things have happened this week and Ill try to include them all if i can. First of all we had a devotional on thursday that was incredible. The second counsesler in the brazil are presidency talked to us and he was so powerful i loved him. My favorite part he talked about was that attitude determines altitude. I know that is true because i always to try to have an open mind and a learning attitude and i can definately tell that it has helped. All the Brazilians say i look like many different people. Some say I look like gimlee from Lord of the Rings, and some say I look like a baby dinosaur on a show in brazil. My portuguese is improving very well. I love learning new languages, I find it really fun. The instructors say that i speak well for only being here for two weeks. I cant believe its been that long. Days are sure long but weeks fly by. Im not going to take another moment for granted. 
Last saturday i kinda did something funny/not smart/ amazingly fun. haha I bought a bag of bacon chips last p-day and I tied them on a rope and "fished" them down to some sisters on the lower level. I wanted to give them to sisters in my district but we had a miscommunication on room numbers and some new sisters got them. We tied elder, Barneys lamp to it and when the sisters got the chips the light fell three stories to the floor and broke. Im glad it wasnt mine because i would have been so mad. 
Another weird thing that happened this week was coming out of a lesson and, obviously i dont speak that well of portuguese, but the investigator said in portuguese, "maybe next time we can drink a liter of coffee together?" And I responded, not knowing what he said and just wanting to get out of there,"Ok, sounds good, have a good day" I then asked a brazilian instructor what he said and he muttled through is bursts of laughter, Your investigator asked you to drink coffee together and you aggreed to it. I was super embarrassed but all is well. haha The investigators arent real anyway. I found out this week that we get to go on the streets next week and place some books of mormon!!! Im so excited to finally try it out in the real world. Im, like tyler would say, an all in missionary! I definately know how to have fun all the time but I also definately know how to be a missionary and teach the gospel. Im so grateful for all of you that have prepared me for this experience! I love being a missionary so much, you have nothing to worry about. I love hearing from you all each week. I wish I had all day to respond but I only have 45 minutes. Its super short in the CTM. I love my companions, even though were not really the same type of people. Im pretty outgoing and love to go go go and they arent that talkative. But we are getting better and learning a lot together. I have seen so much growth in my companions both in the language and in teaching. I have grown a love for everyone that I see. I love every one. And I want to share the love that I have for my savior with as many people that I can. Im so grateful for my mission and all that it has given me thus far. I hope you all are still praying for me and trying to be the best people you can be. I love you all so much! Boa sorte en todas as coisas que voces estam fazendo. 

Com amor, 
Elder Griffin

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