Tuesday, May 3, 2016

March 4, 2016

Hola Familia!!! Eu amo voces muito!

I love you guys! I have so much to tell you guys! This past week was super amazing! I felt the spirit so strongly and many awesome things happened. First of all ill tell you about the best thing that happened this week. I was able to give my first blessing! I was sooo grateful for that experience. Sister Albrecht asked me to give her a blessing because she was sick for a few days. I was so honoured and so nervous to give the opportunity because i felt so much responsibility on my shoulders. I was so nervous that i called her by the wrong name at first but then i got corrected by her and all was well. Right when i placed my hands on her head to give her a blessing i felt calm and a rush of the spirit. It was a type of revelation that Ive never felt before. Im so blessed to  be a worthy priesthood holder. I know that it is the literal power of God on the earth. 
This past wednesday i had the amazing opportunity to go out to the metro in the middle of Sau Paulo and go proselyting. My whole district went at the same time. We each had 5 books of mormons to give out in about two hours. I was so excited I gave my first three away on the bus on our way to where we were supposed to be proselyting. Even though my vocab was extremely limited, I was able to testify by the spirit and hopefully change the lives of some people. I made a few mistakes too... I am kinda the most outgoing one of my tripanionship as previously stated so i kinda led in a lot of the discussions. I loved it though. A mistake that i made was going to talk to the homeless guys. They were obviously drunk or high on something because most of them are anyway. But these guys were seriously bad. I started to talk to them and one guy was really erratic and just yelling at people so we just left right after that. Another mistake was I let someone argue with me about the priesthood being restored for awhile. It was a taxi driver operater man. My instructor signaled us thought the fence and told us to just leave so we did. I definately learned what not to do during that situation. Proselyting was an amazing experience that really got me excited for the field! I also made me want to work harder in the CTM to learn more Portuguese and more about teaching. 
My Portuguese is really improving though. I can understand mostly everything from my instructor because ive probably gotten used to the way he speaks. But with other instructors I can understand about 75% The gift of tongues is real everybody! Prayer is real too! Use prayer everyday to come closer to God because he is waiting to help you. He know you perfectly and want the best for you all we have to do is ask. 
This past weekend I had one of the most spiritual experiences in my life thus far. It was in a dream. I cant say much about it through an email because I believe its too sacred but those I love will just have to wait a couple years to hear about it in person. ;) I wont say any details but my experience certified and confirmed that my testimony of God and Jesus Christ is real. I know they live will all of my being. I know Christ died for me. I know He loves us unconditionally and we need to take advantage of the atonement. This experience will be something that Ill be able to draw on for the rest of my life. I know without a doubt that this was from God. In the temple this morning at the beginning of the session I was confirmed of my experience and the love God has for me. I was filled with the Holy Ghost. I know it is true. 
I had two investigators commit to be baptized this week! Marcelo and Aparecido. Super exciting! I cant talk much about them but I love teaching so much! 
Keep praying for me! I love you all. 

Elder Girffin

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