Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April 25, 2016

Oi!! Meus amigos e minha família. Eu amo vocês muito! Eu tive aprendido muitas coisas durante minha missão até hoje e estou muito animado a batizar e ajudar tudo mundo em minha área. This week was pretty amazing! Not many crazy things have happened. My birthday last monday was definately one of the best birthdays that Ive had in my life and definately the best birthday that Ive had on my mission. We went to Convento da Penha again but this time we met the sisters in our district at the top. They made it so much better and we had so much fun. We got some ice cream after and i was able to get my favorite, cookies and cream. It was definately a day to remember. 

This week was pretty good for work in our area. We are teaching many people that have great potencial to be baptized. We are teaching this guy (Valdei) thats 22 and he is super interested about are message and he said that he knows that it is true and wants to be baptized. But his problem  is that hes not married to his partner yet. He has been with this girl for 6 years and he really wants to get married but the problem is that she doesnt. They have a two year old daughter Isabella, that is super cute and loves to make messes. Our lessons with him are always good and the spirit is usually pretty strong. Something not too good though is when we were teaching about the Book of Mormon this week the spirit was strong and we said the last prayer and right after the prayer Elder Souza asked him to play some soccer on the play station with him. He accepted but thats against mission rules and definately took the spirit away. They played for about an hour and I talked to Elder Souza after we left and it helped things a little. I wanted to play so bad but I didnt. Our relationship with Valdei is really good but we just need to convince his potential wife that they need to get married so he can be baptized.

​          Also we are teaching this 15 year old, João Vitor and he is super interested. He was first contaced by Elder Souza and Elder Gabriel a couple weeks ago when we were doing splits and he accepted a date for baptism then. But we havent been able to find him until this past week. We taught him the restoration and he accepted a date to be baptized this Sunday the 1st. It will be my first baptism so everyone pray for him so that it wont fall through. He is legit and he came with us to church yesterday and liked it a lot. I was able to talk to him a lot about church and about other things too. We live about a 15 minute walk from the chapel and I talked to him about Brazil and the beach and just about a lot of stuff and he really chill. I sure hope that he will continue to be interested and keep his baptismal date strong. 

         I was able to help with two blessing this past week. I did the annointing for both of them. One was for a baby in the ward of the sisters on saturday and the other was yesterday for an older sister in my ward. The sister´s name is Telma and shes been a member almost her whole life and served a mission in Brazil. She has such a strong testimony and is a great example to me. We go to her house a few times a week just to talk and she can definately talk up a storm. haha She has a son on a mission in Atlanta Georgia and another about to leave this summer to Argentina. She has a great love for missionary work and a great love for all the missionaries that come into her ward. Im so blessed to be able to hold the priesthood, the true power of God to act in his name to bless the lives of those on this earth. Im humbled to know that I can act in the name of Christ to bring happiness to all those I come in contact with. Im blessed to be a missionary and I love my calling to preach the true Gospel to everyone I can. I know that Christ lives and he died for everyone of us. He know exactly how we feel and we are blessed to have the opportunity to repent and become clean through the Atonement. I know that this church is the only true church on this earth and it is the same exact church with the same exact authority that Christ had when he established his church on the earth. I know that it was restored throught the Prophet Joseph Smith and through him we have the Book of Mormon. I know it to be the word of God. It is truly another testament of Jesu Christ in the Americas and we can and should read from it everyday to help us in every aspect of our lives. I love you all so much And I know that through Christ we can do all things. 

Elder Griffin

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