Tuesday, May 3, 2016

March 18, 2016

Familia! I love you all like crazy! The CTM is amazing! But im definately ready to get out of here. I cannot believe that I leave the ctm in 4 days... It seems like i just left like last week. This is going to be the fastest 2 years of my life! So many spiritual things have happened while ive been here. I love the constant spirit that this place has. I didnt really have any huge experiences happen this past week to write about but all is well. I am going to miss my district like crazy. I love everyone in it. Elder Babcock and i have so much fun! Even though hes not my companion we do everything together. Im gonna miss mine and his relationship but we have already made plans to hang out and go on a trip to california together since hes from saint george itll be pretty easy. 
The weather is changing to fall down here. Its like 1 degree cooler than the summer so its a huge difference! 
I went to the Campinas temple today. Its probably the last time that ill be able to go to a temple in two years. Did everything in Portuguese again. So awesome! The spirit in the celestial room was incredible. I was thinking about how families are forever and how some family situations could be complicated but God is a merciful God and everything will work out in His hands. They have a distribution center right next to the temple and this past week they just finished a revised version of the bible with footnotes to all the Book of Mormon and everything. Its pretty cool. The President of the CTM, President Graul helped work on the project. I didnt take that many pictures this week but ill send what i got. 

Im super stoked to see the ocean pretty soon! I hope the mission home is close by. Even thought i cant go in it itll still be amazing to see. I wanted to share my testimony in Portuguese but i wanted to say first in English that Im so grateful for everyone of you who have made an impact in my life. Im deeply grateful for all of you. Keep pushing forward. 

Eu sei que a Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias é verdadeiro. Eu sei que Joseph Smith foi um profeta chamado de Deus. Ele realmente traduziu o Livro De Mórmon através o poder de Deus. Revelação pessoal é real. Todas nós podemos receber esta revelação se seguimos o exemplo de Jesus Criso por fazendo as coisas que ele perguntou que nós fazemos. Eu sou muito grato por o CTM e cada coisa que eu aprendi nesta lugar. Sou muito grato por Jesus Cristo e todas as coisas que ele fez para mim. Eu amo minha família com toda minha coração. Obrigado por todas voces. Eu amo este Evangelho e sou muito animado para compartilhar meu testemunho com as pessoas do Brasil. Sou grato por meu instrutores e meu pesquisadores. Eu sei com toda meu coração que eu estou aqui para as pessoas do Brasil. Digo estas coisas em o nome de Jesus Cristo, Amém. 

Com Amor,
Elder Griffin

PS. Keep emailing me and maybe a letter or two would hurt. I love you all. Next time I email you will be in The state of the Holy Ghost, Espírito Santo!!! Wahoo!!!

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