Tuesday, May 3, 2016

March 11, 2016

Family!!! I love you all again. Im doing great! The CTM is still fun
and Im still working hard. Sometimes Its hard to pay attention but i
still do my best. Im really excited to get out of here... haha not
that its a bad place or anything but I just want to do some real
missionary work. I love teaching fake investigators. Every day we
teach an average of three investigators. Im getting more and more
confident with the language every day. The days are pretty repettative
and the only real different days are p-days like today. Today we were
able to go to the campinas temple again! First time since the first
p-day. Its about 2 hours away and i love it because i get to catch up
on some sleep. :) The session today was the first one in portuguese
since ive been here. I could understand like 99 percent of it because
i have done so many sessions so that was nice. I also did it all in
portuguese. I dont want to say a lot about the temple over email but
it was so amazing! Let me know if my pictures are going through. I
cant send them throught he ctm because it takes too long so im sending
them through a cookie shop across down the street. This week was
pretty eventfull as well. We said goodbye to an elder in my hall that
was a spitting image of President Obama. I got some pictures with him
so maybe you all can see how crazy close it is. I took a picture with
him and Elder Babcock with our sunglasses being his body gaurds, it
was pretty hilarious. I love the spirit here! Everyday I here the
testimonies of people in my district and it strengthens mine
substantially. So a crazy thing that me and Elder Babcock did this
week was a little insane... haha It was his idea to start off but it
was still really fun. We got one of the blankets from one of the rooms
and sat down on it and pulled each other down the hall as fast as we
could. The floors are tile so it was so much fun!! Probably not the
smartest thing to do but it was fun. I know I tell a lot of crazy
things that happen but dont worry, Im working super hard to learn the
language and a lot about the gospel. Im dedicated to this work and I
love to be a missianary so much! Another weird thing that happened
this week was yestierday in a lesson. It was a lesson for TRC which is
where we teach a member. The member was a little late to the room but
all was good. We walked in right after her and she turned on the
lights and there were literally thousands of mosquitos in the room.
The windows were left open and the room in on the bottom floor right
by the garden area so it was very prone to mosquitos. We spent a
couple minutes trying to get as many as we could out but we ended up
shutting the window with still a million in the room. It was a little
difficult to teach with the spirit because I was swatting bugs out of
my face like crazy but It was still fun. Most of you know that I hate
bugs but I didnt freak out until we got out of the lesson and the
member didnt see me... haha Such good times!!! I love you all so much
and i miss you! This past month has flown by and I have loved it. I
have learned so much more in this month than i have before in my life.
Ive matured a lot but im still my normal self as you can tell by my
awesome stories. I love this work. I love the people of Brasil! Eu amo
sendo um missionario. Eu quero batizar muitas pessoas e ensinar eles
pelo Espirito Santo. Vivindo no CTM e increivel! Estou muito animado
ir ao campo en duas mais semanas. Estou aprendendo muito cada dia. Eu
sei que esta igraja e verdadeira com toda meu coraçao. Em nome de
Jesus Cristo, Amem  Com Amor, Elder Griffin

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