Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April 18, 2016

​Family and Friends!!!​ I love you! Happy Birthday to me! Im so blessed to have my birthday on a P-Day.
This past week has been full of adventure. So many crazy things have happened and I have learned so much. I went to Vitória 2 times this week. I went to take out a CPF for some identification stuff on wednesday and it was amazing cause I got to go with all the Sisters that I came with from my district in the CTM, Sister Jube, Sister Woodard, and Sister Albrecht. For lunch we went to Mcdonalds! I have never appriciated Mcdonalds more than at that moment. Its pretty much the same as in America. It was so good but... it didnt agree with me the next day but all is well. haha The other time We went to Vitória this week was on Friday commemoratin 50 years of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the state of Espírito Santo. It was in the City Hall building in Vitória and both the Zone of Vila Velha and the Zone of Vitória were there so it was about 60 missionaries. I met so many awesome people and a few more americans. It was awesome talking to relate about experiences on the mission.
This past tuesday we had a weird experience. We were walking down the street in our area and there was a man walking behind us with a bible and I thought nothing of it cause there are so many churches in our area. Theres probably like 20 different churches in our area its insane. But the man came up behind us and touched the bible on our shoulders and said something in portuguese that means "may God bless these young men that they can know the truth." and After he walked away with his hands in the air talking really loud and "praising" God. It was deffinately interesting.
I ate some chicken liver this past week. I didnt know it was liver until after i ate a few peices and finally looked up the word in the dictionary. I remember eating liver once as a child and I hated it and after I found out what is was it brought back that memory and it started to taste a little worse. But I grabbed a lot so I had to finish it. I wasnt the best thing that Ive eaten here so far.
Also this past Tuesday I gave my first blessing in Portugese. It was for a little girl who is about 14 years old. I was a little nervous and I wasnt sure what to say but with my broken Portuguese I gave her a blessing of comfort. I definately know that the power of the priesthood is real. Us men in the church have a great privelage to be able to act in the name of Christ using the Priesthood power of God to bless the lives of others. Even though I didnt say much i know for sure that through me and the pristhood that I hold the little girl could be comforted.
My testimony is strengthening every day. I am becoming more patient with myself and with others. Im so grateful for my challenges as a missionary and it makes me even more grateful for the victories. Every week we find people who have a great potential to be baptized and we mark dates with many but most of them are super firm in their religions. But were getting better at helping them realize that the church of Jesus Christ has been restored again on the earth and also all the saving ordinances. I love progressing as a teacher and I can see a huge growth in my abilities as a missionary.
My Portuguese is improving so much too believe it or not. I love having conversations with others all the time. I can understand pretty much everything which is awesome. Im noticing more patterns in people and my confidence in speaking with others is growing. I also notice that my English skills are getting a little worse too. In my journal I have to rewrite so many things and when I read it back over it barely makes any sense. Im super excited to continue to forget English.
I love you all so much and Im greateful for each and everyone of you. Keep praying for me and all the missionaries and all of our investigators. And remember, Christ is waiting, ready to help us with whatever thing we need. Until next week.

Elder Griffin

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