Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April 11, 2016

Family and friends!!! I love you all so much and miss you a lot. I love being a missionary and this past week has been pretty awesome and a lot of things has happened. My testimony has strengthened so much and my confidence with the language and teaching is growing every day. 
This past tuesday we went to a members house for lunch like we do everyday. We went to a members house about an hour away by walking. But it was legit because we were walking along the beach for about 40 minutes of that time. Im so blessed to have the beach so close to me. Its beautiful and I cant wait for two more years when I can go swimming in it. But the members that we ate at on Tuesday are so awesome. This was the second time we ate at their house. They all speak pretty good English so thatts good for me. The son speaks the best English. When he speaks he barely has any accent. His name is Artur and hes about to go on a mission to Utah!! Hes going to the Orem Utah mission and that covers Pleasant Grove. Hes so cool and really friendly. I dont know his last name so youll have to just look for a Brazilian missionary. Ill find out his last name this week then Ill let you know. I told him that I give him permission to eat at our house whenever he wants so be prepared for that, haha. He leaves to the Provo MTC in June and will be there for only two weeks cause hes already fluent. 
This week was really good for my Portuguese. I am able to contribute a lot now in lessons and can definately feel the spirit more when i teach. Having more knowledge of the language makes it so much mor easy to pay attention to the promptings of the Spirit. This week we marked 6 dates for baptism but only 2 or 3 of them are really strong. One of them is named Adré. He´s 17 and is really legit. He can play the saxaphone and clarinet and a little piano. He came with us to church yesterday and he liked it a lot. His date for baptism is this Sunday the 17 so it would be a great birthday present to have a baptism the day before my birthday. Elder Souza´s birthday is on the 17th so it will be a double birthday miracle when André is baptized. The other date marked that is pretty storng is Ritiani (hi-chi-awni) yeah Portuguese can be weird sometimes... But she is absolutely amazing. She´s 26 and is super interested. She had a bunch of questions for us and was really excited to go to church with us. She had to work yesterday so shell come this next Sunday. Prayer is definately real and its really helping our investigators progress.
This friday I had my first interview with President Young other than the one when i arrived. It was awesome. He talked a lot about Repentance and how its super inportant to teach repentance so investigators can stay strong in the church after baptism. President Young is amazing and so helpful with anything I need. 
On Saturday we had a zone conference and our zone is about 30 missionaries all in Vila Velha. It was awesome. We talked about many ways to increase baptisms in our respective areas and learned many things. I love my zone. It was cool cause we had a little missionary family reunion. The missionary that trains you is called your father. So it was me, my father, my grandpa, and my great grandpa all in our zone. 4 generations of missionaries. I have a picture so hopefully itll work again this week. 
Its kinda funny sometimes in my Journal I mispell words like crazy cause my mind is in portuguese form and many times my sentences barely make any sense. Im super excited to continue to forget English.
Everyday Im feeling moree and more confortable as a missionary and with everything that comes with that. I love learning new things and having little victories every day. There are always little moments in the day where I miss my famly and miss things that im used to but I find that whenever I work hard I can forget those feelings and focus more on the positive. I have grown to love the gospel more and more in these past few weeks in the field and have learned a lot about how to talk with the people of Brazil. I am so grateful to be a missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ in Brazil. I love you all so much and I know this Church is absolutely true and Im so blessed to be able to bring the joy the come from the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Brazil. Avante para a Vitória!!!

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